Exterior LED lighting

Exterior LED lighting1Brighten the outdoors of your home with LED security lights and inject a feeling of luxury & elegance into it. Well-lit pavements, patios, and decks make approaching guests visible to you and any surveillance cameras around your property, ensuring safety for everyone. Go for home flood lights featuring solar panels, durable LED bulbs, and motion sensors to illuminate your outdoor space sufficiently.

Flood & Security Lighting: Their Importance

It can be pretty hard navigating your outdoor space in the evening or at night. That’s why it is important to install long-lasting and reliable security lights. This ensures that your home is safeguarded from theft throughout the night. Deck lights produce a gentle radiance in an area to guarantee safe footing, whilst flood lights offer the ultimate visibility for people and large animals approaching your home.

Check out how different outdoor lighting solutions can help brighten up your home and keep you and your loved ones safe.

The Power of Wall Lights

Installing wall lights on your walkways, patio, and deck provides great illumination to your outdoor space. These lights have a state-of-the-art design and incredible functionality. Place them at all entrances of your house and enjoy extra safety.

Exterior Flood Lights

Exterior LED lighting2Outdoor flood lighting lets you see everything that’s taking place outside of your home. Available in different versions (i.e. single light or two-light), outdoor lights can help shed light in numerous directions at ago. Install them at the front gate, garage, and driveway to protect against burglary.

Deck Lights

With proper deck lights, you can work for long hours on your deck or patio while still ensuring that you have the maximum safety. Deck lights brighten up that outdoor space, allowing you to easily maneuver around as you feast on a great meal, have fun with friends or relax outside without fearing any imposters. Place them at the center of the deck for even illumination.

You can always find security systems, landscape lighting, outdoor lighting fixtures, and floodlights that perfectly match your existing décor & features to compliment all your lighting requirements.

Walkway Lights

Walkways should be lit with pathway lights, step lights, or post lighting. You can either mount post lights on top of a pillar or purchase one that’s already incorporated.

Outdoor/Exterior Seating Area Lights

Lighting your outdoor sitting areas will provide light and match your space. Some of the options you can try include:

  • Ceiling fans: Go for ceiling fans since they bring in dual function & help extend your outdoor living season.
  • String lights: You can choose string lights in addition to cove/ rope lights—they can perfectly boost ambiance with a seamless soft glow.
  • Lanterns: Lanterns create a decorative accent. They also offer ambient lighting.

Landscape Lights

Landscape LightsIf you’ve got a special focal point you want to highlight, then exterior lighting can be a nice option. For instance, lighting areas like fieldstone facade, garden, and bargeboard with an element landscape lighting will lift your home’s look, while ensuring security as well. Popular styles you can adopt include:

  • Spotlights: Spotlights will cast upward illumination and highlight important landscape features.
  • Well/ pond lights: When done right, well/ pond lights will create a whimsical effect and uplift your outdoor.
  • Poolside lights: You can also go for poolside lights, which are waterproof and can float.

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