Hotel Lighting Ideas

Good lighting can elevate a hotel’s design and overall atmosphere. So, if you want to make the lobbies cool, modern, and comfortable, bring in dramatic lighting. Thus, it’s time to give your hotel lighting a small uplift to make it look executive. The following hotel lighting design ideas will breathe more life into your hotel.

The Benefits of Hotel Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect when it comes to the mood of customers.  Still more, light affects peoples’ behaviors and reactions. For instance, fluorescent lights can make an impatient customer very angry. Still more, if you want your staff to be more productive and happier, bring in the light lighting. In a nutshell, lighting is everything when it comes to the overall atmosphere in any hotel space.

Hire Lighting Designers

Hire an expert to transform your lighting design. With experience and knowledge, a lighting designer will come up with practical innovative solutions to transform your spaces.  They are well versed with the latest trends and technologies in the lighting industry. They understand the regulations, how to install energy-efficient lighting options, and how to increase your brand awareness through lighting.

Natural Light

Natural lighting can save you energy. Thus, leverage on this type of light. Natural lighting can boost the moods and energy of your customers, make spaces look better, and lower the cost of energy in your hotel. Open up the windows. Remove obstacles that block natural lighting from reaching g your hotel.

The Ceiling

When installing lighting in your ceiling, be creative.  The ceiling determines how your hotel will look. It also influences how staff will operate the lighting. In particular, pay close attention to how you install the light on loft-type spaces with no ceiling. Include decorate features to complement the ceiling.


Plan how to light transition areas. Lighting in these areas shouldn’t be extreme. For instance, you cannot go from bright to soft light. It can make the area unpleasant. Create good effects in areas like the hallway, alcoves, and doorways. Use welcoming lighting options in these spaces.

Lobby Lighting

The first impression is created in the lobby area. Don’t mess up with these spaces. Bring in lights that are not only dramatic but also practical. Install lighting that allows customers to see or locate the main reception area. The entrance is a transition area. Here, customers will transition from the outdoor to the indoors. Include lights that make it easy for the eyes to adjust. Think about bringing decorative elements such as chandeliers in the hallway. It will create that wow factor.

Additional Ideas

Here are additional ideas you should try:

  • Consider lighting up the parking areas and staircases. It will help your guests to navigate better.
  • Bring in performance lighting-based systems to help you during major events. Go for options like track lighting, floodlights, etc.
  • Light up guest room spaces properly.
  • Switch to energy efficient bulbs

The Bottom-Line

Make your hotel special with the right lighting. Install LED lights. Think in terms of good chandeliers. Choose the right colors. Use the above lighting ideas to uplift your hotel today.

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