Lighting Stairs with LED Strips

When it comes to lighting stairs and steps, nothing takes center stage quite like elegance and safety. And that’s what the LED Strips bring to the table. Designed to make your home safe and stylish, LED strips are economical, long-lasting, and functional. So, don’t leave the stairs dull. Don’t let darkness engulf them. Never allow poor lighting to make them unwelcoming. Invest in LED strips and inject more life into the stairs. Here is how you can use LED strips to light up your stairs.

Types of LED Strips

There are several types of strips you can use for any configuration. However, they are broadly grouped into two;

  • Analog strips
  • Digital strips

While analog strips are associated with monochromatic—i.e. single color—digital LED strips have different colors. Modern homes require digital LED strips. They give you the power to light up your home in any style or color.

LED strips In Steps

LED strips offer you the perfect way to illuminate your stairs. However, it’s important to select the right LED strips. Choose LED strips that can complement the colors of your staircase. From here, consider matching the profiles of the strips with the dimensions of the strips. With several profiles available on the market, you won’t miss an option that suits your needs.

Connecting LED Strips

After selecting the LED strip together with the profile, you should move to connection. According to experts, it’s important to connect these strips in parallel. This will ensure that all steps receive the same level of lighting. So, if you want to choose uniform illumination in all the stirs, connect them in parallel. They will receive the same electrical potential.

Adjustable LED Lighting Strips

With LED strip lights, you have a lighting option that’s both functional and esthetic. This means that they can significantly reduce accidents along the stairs while improving the value of your home. Still more, these lighting fixtures are energy efficient. That’s not all, they come in a myriad of colors. So, you can choose a color that suits your home.

There are various types of stair shapes. Common ones include

Straight shaped

  • L Shaped
  • Doable L shaped
  • U Stirs
  • Spiral
  • Winder stairs

Most homeowners will prefer installing LED strip lighting along the stairs. However, the truth of the matter is that this won’t enhance the esthetics of your home. Instead, consider installing LED extrusions. Made of aluminum, they can be used with flexible or rigid LED strips. The best part; they are ideal when it comes to indoor and outdoor settings.

LED Strips: The Benefits

LED strips are cost-effective, esthetically appealing, and easy to install. Plus, they are adjustable—giving you complete control over your lighting. Thus, you can select your preferred color, brightness, as well as size. Still more, these lightings are eco-friendly.

The Bottom-Line

Like any part of your home, staircases require the right lighting. They need lighting options that can make them elegant and modish. And one of the best options is the LED strips. With LED strips, you have a cost-effective, durable, and elegant way of lighting up your stairs. The above guide contains all you need to know about LED strips and how they can transform your stairs.

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