Rako Lighting Control: All You Should Know

R1Lighting is increasingly becoming one of the most important ingredients of custom install projects. From large projects to small ones, you’re most likely to need the Rako control system. From final aesthetics, in which innovative and discrete lighting systems can transform user experience, to cost bottom line, great lighting can contribute massively to the success of any job. Engineers should balance reliability, ease of installation, performance, performance, and most importantly go for the best brand outfit, Rako. With that in mind, here is all you need to know about the Rako control system.

This company Rako

Rako is a reliable manufacturer of some of the leading appliances. They offer an array of lamps and fitting appliances. Their range of products is unparalleled and their support team is always dedicated to helping you out.

Rako lighting systems are simple to use, creative, easily installed & cost effective. Rako, a leading company that provides contemporary smart dimming technology, offers customers with innovative solutions that meet their diverse range of needs.


Rako wireless

The wireless Rako system refers to the interaction of panels as well as control dimmers. The Rako system functions on its own RF signaling. Therefore, keypads work on the battery while the dimmers utilize the power generated from the lighting circuit. The keypads together with dimmers communicate with each other through the RF commands. Since the whole system is wireless, running cat5e control cables isn’t necessary.

Rako wired system: What they offer

Rako wired systems come with an array of control options. Each keypad is run on a cat5e network in series. Alternatively, the Rako wired system can be wired to give Rako superior processing power. For instance, with this option, you can get additional button control (such as once for off and double tap). In fact, a wired system can help you create endless complex commands within huge Rako projects.

Controlling Rako System using iPhones and iPads

You can control the Rako systems using your iPad an iPhone. The Rako apps & control systems are some of the finest controls on the market. The Rako app lists each room, scene as well as individual lights. This makes it possible for each one to be set in real time by means of finger swiping.

Also, Rako control systems come with many advantages. For instance, you can adjust scenes by yourself. Thus, you do not need those expensive engineer visits to make the level right.


Features of Rako lighting


  • Wireless and wired options: Rako products are available in wireless and wired options, which makes them perfect different types and sizes of projects. For a wireless retrofit project the most popular device is the Rako Wireless dimmer RMT500. If you are going wired then the RAK-4T is a good product which has 4 channels.
  • Affordability: Rako lighting systems are incredibly cost effective, but still possess the features present in other high priced systems.
  • Abundant keypad options: With Rako lighting system, there are different keypad options to choose from( you can go for two button up or even ten button featuring double tap functions). If you are going wireless then try the RCM-070 which will give you 4 scenes and wiress operation. For wired the equivalent choice is the WCM-070.
  • Lighting load or type: Rako products feature an extensive range of dimmer as well as switching modules that can handle almost all lighting types in the market.
  • IPhone or iPad control: With Rako products, you can turn your iPad / iPhone to a lighting remote control system. You can also set up your lighting scene in real time. The remote operation can be made available by using the RTC Bridge or RA Bridge.
  • Flexibility: You can install Rako products in a number of ways ranging from wireless, wired, to a combination of both. The range of Rako products is so vast that it has different modules to fit any type of lighting system or load.

The bottom line

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