Varilight products: Your Ultimate Electrical Solution

Varilight products 1Varilight is popularly known for producing quality lighting applications such as dimmers and LEDs. They’re available in multiple finishes that perfectly complement the appearance of any living space.

With an array of modern control devices and numerous style options, electrical contractors heavily rely on the availability of sophisticated wiring accessories from wholesalers.


The Varilight hype

Varilight electronic products consist of programmable dimmers with numerous dimming modes for extensive compatibility. All V-Pro series dimmers are programmable and can offer wider flexibility. Besides, users can choose their preferred minimum load level to achieve the optimal dimming range for a certain lighting load.

Varilight incredible features

Standard Varilight dimmers feature a push-on/push-off switching mechanism with rotary dimming. This means you can alter the driving modes and regulate the minimum brightness using the provided pushes. The devices are designed for use with light emitting diodes and work perfectly with most LEDs on the market.  To find out more about LED technology please visit LED Wikipedia . The various Varilight V-Pro formats include:
• Multi-Grid modules
• 1,2,3,and4-Gang Dimmers
• Power Grid modules
• Replacement modules

The giant producer of quality electrical gadgets

Varilight products 3Varilight is the giant producer of premium dimmer switches, decorative wiring accessories, switches, sockets, dimmable transformers, and dimmable CFLs.

Ornamental finishes

With ornamental finishes varying from state-of-the-art brushed steel to contemporary Georgian Brass, you can readily find something that precisely suits every design scheme. In addition, you can choose from the many different faceplate styles, including classic rope-edged, bevel-edged, screwless, or ultra flat ranges.

Indeed, with an array of superb finishes, including premium white, brushed chrome, matt/satin chrome, polished, mocha, iridium black, and pewter, you’ll easily find something that perfectly matches your home’s décor.Also, if you are refurbishing your entire home, you may want to consider the artistic benefits that matching your light fittings with your dimmers or switches will garner. It will be easy for you to control up to six different lightings from the Varilight switch, and you can opt to install more than one panel in a single room.

Varilight products: The options

Before setting up your lighting, it’s important to consider the many different colors and temperatures that Varilight LEDs offer. With a choice of warm, cool, and daylight white options, you will be in a good position to tailor your lighting in such a way that it creates just the right mood. It will save you huge amounts of money, something everyone may want to try out. Varilight products considerably require less energy to achieve the desired brightness.

The power of Varilight avant-garde technology

Varilight products 4Varilight utilizes advanced technology, which now integrates both traditional and contemporary dimming types, is becoming increasingly famous.

By carefully switching the knob on/off in a specified sequence, you can adjust the settings to meet your own lighting applications.
V-Pro dimmers will also complement halogens and most compact fluorescent lamps, making them the definitive future-proof choice. If you are ready for light emitting diodes, ensure that you got the appropriate equipment for installing the switch. Brushed steel, PVC, and polished chrome finishes are available on ultra-slim screwless plates.

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