Why use energy saving bulbs?

Lighting is a constant use of energy; we are always using lights somewhere, even if they’re not being used at home, you will be using them at work. It is said that the energy used for electricity and to light up home is bad for the environment because of the carbon dioxide emissions it gives off, therefore causing climate problems. There is solution to helping prevent this… Energy Saving Bulbs!clip_image002

There is always a lot of speculation about whether or not the use of Energy Saving bulbs will actually help you save money on your energy bill. The answer is, they definitely will! There is increasing amounts of pressure to use energy saving bulbs but there are also a lot of questions surrounding them, do they actually save you money and energy? Energy saving bulbs use up to a third of power in comparison to normal bulbs. This is because the normal bulbs lose up to 90% of their power because of the heat that is radiated from them being on.

Admittedly energy saving bulbs are more expensive, but when you take into account how much you will actually save over a year (usually £5-£7 per bulb), it will definitely work out as being more cost effective. There are many test available that can help you find out how much you can save on your energy bill if you use energy saving bulbs; should you wish to find out, just look online and you can arrange a booking where an electrician will come and let you know how much it is you could save! You will be amazed and we’re sure that once you change and start saving, you won’t go back! Energy savers are also much better for the environment because it will bean we are no longer clip_image004giving off as much carbon dioxide emissions which has been said is a main cause for climate control.

You may think, because they are energy saving, that you are going to be restricted into the choices and range of bulbs you can get. This is far from the case! Energy saving bulbs are available in a large range of types and styles to fit any fixture you might want to make energy saving – the most common are B22’s and E27’s. They can also be bought in dimmable options as well.

So you save money, help the environment and don’t have to change light bulbs as much. What are you waiting for?!


    • RLM on January 23, 2016 at 12:30 pm
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    Energy saving bulbs are important as they will not pinch your pocket and will emit effective lighting as compared to fluorescent bulbs or tube lights. These are used in almost all the countries and are proved to be useful. LED’s will save some energy for our future generation

    • Christy Ann on May 17, 2016 at 1:46 am
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    Switching to energy efficient light bulbs is all I need now. I paid high bill last month and it was like a frustration after seeing my bill. I never thought that this LED bulb proves to be effective to save money. I really need to try this one.Thank you for sharing!

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