Controlling Lighting from Phones

Controlling Lighting from Phones

Lighting design is one of the most dynamic industries. With creativity and technology, several lighting design solutions have been developed. These solutions can make any space or home classy and comfortable. With different solutions, consumers are spoilt for choices when it comes to chiming lighting design solutions for their explicit needs. So, if you are looking to give your home an uplift, here are lighting design advances and trends to inspire you. From futuristic based styles to past reminiscent trends, these styles are sure to change your home’s lighting system.

The Basics

Home automation is one of the best ways of making life better. With home automation, you have a solution to energy wastage, rising utility bills, and poor aesthetics. In particular, automating your lighting option can turn your home into a castle. Of course, the initial investment can be high. However, the pecks and long term benefits of automating your lights override the costs. So, if you are looking to invest in lighting automation, you are headed for the best. Here are a few benefits you should expect.

  • Eliminate twilight zones
  • Creates consistent routines
  • Simplifies switching lights
  • Eliminate the use of vacation timers
  • Always wake up with light
  • You have complete control of your home irrespective of your location
  • Minimizes energy wastage

LED Lighting

The power of LEDs cannot be understated when it comes to lighting homes. As one of the most energy-efficient ways of lighting homes, LED lighting fixtures to save money, are efficient, and durable.  Even more, LED is affordable and flexible, making them a popular lighting fixture in modern homes. The efficiency of LED lighting fixtures makes them a popular choice among many homeowners. Plus, dimmers are used to control LED lighting fixtures. This makes them efficient and stylish.

Retro Edison Bulbs

Capable of incorporating or utilizing LED bulbs, industrial style pendant lighting fixtures featuring retro Edison bulbs are becoming an industry hit. With their different nostalgic details, retro Edison bulbs are eye-catching, making them a popular choice for those looking for incandescent bulbs to harmonize with different interior design aesthetics. If you have a farmhouse-style based home, you can go for these types of lighting fixtures. Also, these lighting fixtures can work well with industrial lofts, modern condos, as well as contemporary apartments to create a trendy interior environment.

Gold Colored Lighting Fixtures

2019 witnessed how warm metals influenced many interior design decisions. Those who donned them can confirm that they greatly optimized on their interiors. With these lighting fixtures, you have access to numerous lovely gold-colored based pendant lighting fixtures with different sconces and lamps.

Pendant Lighting

Of course, pendant lighting isn’t a new idea. However, advances in the lighting industry are making these fixtures more efficient, elegant, and sophisticated. With their unique as well as contemporary designs, pendant lighting can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, and other indoor spaces. If you want special silhouettes, go for bowl and drum pendants. Even more, choosing multi-light pendants can elevate your spaces.

Industrial Lighting

2020 has seen urban industrial style lighting make serious inroads into the interior design industry. Available in different styles, these lighting fixtures can capture the mood and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your indoors. Even more, they come in red, black, or white.


Chandeliers are another biggest trend in the lighting industry. Designed to fit into any space, chandeliers are both classic and functional. Besides living rooms, chandeliers can work perfectly in other spaces, including kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Other Trends

Additional trends include:

  • Mini chandeliers
  • Upscale chandeliers
  • Security control lighting systems
  • Drawers and cabinet lighting
  • Shower lighting
  • Vintage art lighting lamps
  • Wireless lighting
  • Flower chandeliers

Key Takeaway

A home should be comfortable. It should give you the peace of mind to relax. However, without technology, you won’t achieve this. In particular, if you keep on leveraging on manual methods to switch off and on lights, the inconvenience will ruin your home’s comfort. However, investing in home automation when it comes to lighting can highly benefit your home.


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