Innovative use of RGBW LED Tape and LED Strip Lighting Ideas


The LED technology is making serious inroads into the interior décor industry. In fact, LED lights are taking over the lighting industry. They are now replacing old lighting fixtures which come with lots of shortcomings, including low efficiency, high energy consumption, and reduced durability. With LED lighting fixtures, you have lighting solutions that are cost-effective, durable, versatile, flexible, as well as easy to install. In particular, the introduction of LED strips has revolutionized the interior decor industry. So, if you are planning to invest in LED strips, here are some of the top ideas to inspire your decision.

LED Strip Wall Lighting

One of the best lighting ideas for any home is LED strip wall lighting. Walls gives you the perfect locus to illuminate your spaces. So, make use of them. Bring in LED strips and inject more life into the spaces. Wall LED strip based light can be used in a number of ways. Here is an overview of how these lighting can be used on the walls:

  1. Recessed Wall Lighting

You can consider investing in recessed wall lighting. Here, the LED strips are designed in such a way that they peak through a hollow section in the wall. If you want to give that space of yours a diffused and mellow look, consider recessed wall LED strip lighting. This type of lighting is ideal in homes, offices, as well as commercial spaces. They make any space look more sophisticated and classic.

  1. Surface Mounted LED Strip Wall Lighting

Surface mounting is another common option when it comes to wall lighting. Here, you can either mount surface them or plaster them on the walls. Ideal for those looking for unfiltered light for their spaces, this type of lighting can make any space look classy.

  1. Decorative Wall LED Strip Lighting

LED light strips can be used as decorative wall based lighting. Here, creativity is key. In most cases, people use RGB or RGBW LED strips to highlight or create art pieces on the walls. The best thing is that they are easy to install and can be used over and over again.

LED Light Strips to Backlight LCD Screens

Your TV room needs an uplift. If you want to add more glamour into it, go for LED strips to backlight in your screens. These types of lights are safe, easy to install, and classy.

Car, Trucks LED Strip Lighting

Besides your home, your car can also benefit from LED strips. Installing them at key spots in your car can add class and make the interiors look sophisticated.

Holiday LED Strip Lighting

Add more style during festivals using the LED light strips. Events like Christmas festive season, Easter holidays, etc. can hugely benefit from these types of light. They can elevate the spirits.


Other Lighting Ideas

Other ideas include:

  • Stage Design LED Tapes Lighting
  • Staircase LED Accent Lighting
  • Display LED Strips Case Lighting
  • Commercial LED Strips Shelf Lighting
  • Kitchen Cabinet LED Strips Lighting​
  • Ceiling LED Strips Lighting
  • Signage LED Strip Lighting
  • Large Space LED Strip Lighting
  • Party LED Strip Lighting
  • Vanity Mirror LED Strip Lighting
  • Halloween Costume LED Strip Lighting
  • Photography LED Strip Lighting
  • Cafes Mood LED Strip Lighting
  • Camping, Boat LED Strip Lighting

The Bottom-Line

Lighting can make or break any space. That’s why you need to pay extra attention when designing light. For instance, getting it right with LED strips can instantly elevate any space. The above are the top LED strip lighting ideas you should seriously consider. These are the ideas that are sure to bring more glamour into your spaces. If you would like to see the products necessary please take a look at RGBW LED Tape at Saving Light Bulbs.


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