Lighting Examples Using LED Strip

LED strip lights upLED strip lighting is an awesome way to brighten up your home, business or garden. With an array of color-changing options available on the market today, they can really be an efficient way to illuminate any area. When it comes to the location of these amazing fixtures, the limits are endless- it’s all dependent on your imagination.

Latitude to Get Creative and Artistic

LED strips come with multiple LED chips that have been entrenched into an acrylic shield covered metal enclosure. They are ideal for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

This form of lighting allows you to get creative and artistic. Whether you install it under shelves, decking, a window sill or specific stairs, you can establish an ambiance that you can’t get with any conventional bulbs.

Limitless LED Strips Examples

There are numerous ways to utilize LED strip lighting but the following top favorites have been sampled to inspire you.

1. Kitchen Lighting

When LED strips are installed on the kitchen island, they breathe a stagy and vivid touch to the décor, making the units there to appear to be floating. Moreover, they will help turn the island into something more dramatic. Plus, it will be classier if the floor color compliment that of the LED strips.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet LED strips can be a great way to highlight and enhance a backsplash. It can be particularly vital if you are looking to delineate the space that exists between the kitchen cabinets & the matching backsplash.

2. Living Room Lights

LED strips living room1LED lights are the most decorative elements for your living room. Lots of furniture designs nowadays utilize them as accent features, though the lightings can also be added individually.

It is much easier to highlight a wall unit or a shelf with LED strip lights. All you need is to place them at the back of the shelves or below them to add some definition to the décor.

Incorporating an interesting shape into your design is also an incredible way to enhance the look of your living room. You can have the LED tape/strips attached underneath a cabinet, bench or console tables.


3. LEDs in Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of those places you can use LED strips and get instant results. For instance, you can use LED strips or tape to outline or highlight your bathroom mirror.

Modern bathroom vanity designs are now utilizing LED strip accents to enhance their style. Whether it’s for practical reasons or aesthetics, adding LED strips will add drama and elegance to your bathroom. For instance, you can use LED strips to breathe some ambiance into the shower /tub area. Plus, you can go for color-changing LED strips since they allow users to change the color depending on your mood.

You can also incorporate LED lights to your bedroom and closet.


4. Outdoor LED Strip Light Work Like Magic

LED strips outdoor2Use outdoor rated liquid emitting diodes strip lights in the outdoors, especially during harsh weather conditions, to accent your outdoor. You can either install them in the backyard or the patio area.
5. Signage & Backlighting

Use commercial & industrial LED strip lights to backlight signage and create a much brighter, cost-effective, and longer lasting solution.


Dare To Be Different

Uplift your home with the LED strip lights. LED lighting is boldly going where no old-fashioned bulb has never gone! So, why not dive into elegance and intricacy with quality LED light strips?


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    I have recently purchased LED strip lights and they look amazing! I would definitely recommend them.Some people I know have been put off in the past by the installation process and what to do if they break. However, they are so energy-efficient and last such a long time – they definitely save you money in the long run, even if you need an electrician to help install them in the first place.

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