LED Bulbs: what they are and what they are used for


LED GLSled-gls

GLS stands for General Light Shape; this is the standard most common light bulb used. These light bulbs have been around for a long time – they were originally incandescent but have since been remade due to incandescent bulbs being banned. The LED GLS bulbs are much longer lasting than incandescent bulbs and because they use LED technology they are expected to have lives of up to 30000 hours.

LED Filament GLS

LED Filament GLS bulbs are where the filament is on show; they are used more for decorative purposes, or in fixtures where the bulb will be visible. The bulb can have up to 8 filaments which are omni-directional because they are designed in such a way that light is emitted evenly.

LED Candle

LED Candles are mainly used in decorative fixtures and chandeliers. The shape of the candles is one that resembles a flame. There are two different types of candle flames; a standard tip and a flame tip. The flame tip is similar to an actual candle flame which is why they are used so much in chandeliers because they are like the first chandeliers.



LED Filament Candle

LED Filament Candles are the same shape as Candle bulbs themselves but with a different touch because they have the visible filaments in them. These can add a modern touch to a traditional chandelier which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. It is also because the filaments mean that they have omni-directional light which adds more sparkle to crystals.


LED Filament Golf Ball

Golf Balls are smaller and rounder than the traditional GLS light bulb. They have a general use and can be used in residential situations or commercial. The visible filaments make them perfect for any decorative fixtures. The shape of the bulbs compliments the filaments because it means the light emitted will reach further and look brighter.

led-pl-lampLED PL lamp

LED PL lamps have a directional light which means they light a specific area. The LED version of these bulbs means that they have a longer life and are much more reliable and consistent. LED PL lamps can come in different colour temperatures so the light colour can be appropriate to what is being illuminated.


LED G4 capsules are direct replacements for halogen G4 capsules. They save a lot more energy and have a much longer life. The LED G4 is made up of diodes which emit light – these diodes don’t give out any heat which helps save more money. The diodes surround the capsule which means they are omni-directional and give out even light.


LED G9’s are direct replacements for standard G9 halogen capsules. They give off minimal heat, save energy and have a longer life than the halogen capsules. They emit light equally and in different directions to make them more versatile.



LED Filament G125

The LED large globe bulb is decorative as well as energy efficient. The bulb itself is of a vintage style and is similar to Vintage Filament bulbs but better because it has LED technology. The filaments are shorter and towards the end of the bulb itself which means the light travels further.

LED Filament ST64

ST64 is a squirrel cage shape; this shape bulb isn’t particularly popular as it doesn’t fit in with many fixtures, but it is becoming used more and more when hung from flex. Especially because this bulb uses LED technology and so it is energy efficient. It undeniably has the glamour of incandescent bulbs.

Traditional Lights

traditional lights

There is so much lighting on the market to choose from, sometimes it can be overwhelming. The main and major choice is to choose between traditional or contemporary lighting. Once that decision has been made, it will make many other decisions easier – there will still be multiple decisions to make but they won’t be as hard because you will have already narrowed your choices down majorly.

So what are the differences between contemporary and traditional chandeliers and why is this choice so important? The style of chandelier you choose is essential because it can make or break the rest of your room. It is absolutely essential that you choose a fixture that compliments the room. Classical chandeliers work well in antique rooms that might feature a lot of wood and large paintings. This would reflect that of a stately home and vintage feel. In a similar way, contemporary chandeliers would complement white, light and modern rooms. Another difference between the two types of chandeliers are what they are made of; traditional is usually made from brass; gold and classic, whereas contemporary chandeliers can be made from a number of different materials such as chrome, rubbed bronze or wrought iron.

Filament bulbs are the go-to answer at the moment! Due to their vintage feel, if you are unsure what style of lighting you’d want, filament bulbs can help! The beauty of filament bulbs is that they can add further vintage effect to a traditional chandelier or a twist to a contemporary chandelier. The bulbs really do make a difference to the fixture.

It has only been recently that Filament bulbs have been allowed to be sold again. Incandescent light bulbs, which looked very similar to Edison Light Bulbs/ Filament Bulbs used to be so popular, however sadly they were banned due to their lack of energy efficiency and the hazards they caused. The reproduction of filament bulbs has caused such a stir, and due to them being under the new EISA regulations it is possible to sell and produce them again. There is so much that can be said about filament bulbs! Their popularity is so high because they create the same effect as Incandescent light bulbs without being dangerous; they are more energy efficient while producing the same desired vintage look.

To increase their popularity even more, they are also available in LED’s, meaning they will save even more energy without losing any of the vintage ambiance and effect. There hasn’t been complete positivity towards the bulbs however as they have been received with some controversy due to the fact that they cost more, and ultimately aren’t as effective because the filament has a warmer glow. This shouldn’t matter in the long run because of their high energy efficiency; they are much more cost effective because they last longer and savetraditional lights 1 you money on your energy bill.

Filament bulbs come in different shapes and sizes – making them appealing because they can have so many uses due to the variety of shapes they come in. The glass that houses the filament can also come in different tints which would change the purpose and effect the bulbs themselves give off. These variations in the bulbs are also what contribute to their high level of popularity. If you search online for filament bulbs, the search will bring back so many different types of filament bulbs for different effects and different purposes, a short list of them are – short tube, oval light, pear shape, squirrel cage, small globe, large globe, classic Edison, long tube, mini tube and candle bulb. These will all be available in different caps and some can be purchased as LED’s. Intimidating hey? As long as you are aware of the purpose you want to use them for and the cap fitting you need, you should be fine!

It is LED filament candle bulbs that are especially popular in the use of chandeliers; they are Omni-directional and give off an antique feel with their warm yellow glow (2200-2400k). What makes them so attractive is the long winding of their internal filaments – they are different, antique and unique. It is becoming more common that they are being used in restaurants for atmospheric lighting – “vintage chic” is the look many want to have and with the use of LED filament bulbs many achieve it. The market for LED filament bulbs in constantly growing, with there being different vintage fixtures to match the bulbs being made, as well as different coloured options of electrical flex to hang the lights from to achieve different effects is also becoming more popular.

traditional lights 2Hanging the bulbs from electrical flex is the most common, most popular and arguably the most effective way to make use of these bulbs. Changing the colour of the electrical flex will mean that you can change the desired effect of the bulb to make the room you want to put it in. This way of presentation also isn’t costly and looks effective so you can’t really go wrong!

So what are you waiting for?! Why don’t you jump on the filament bandwagon as well! For more information on Traditional lighting take a look at Saving Light Bulbs.

Why use energy saving bulbs?

Lighting is a constant use of energy; we are always using lights somewhere, even if they’re not being used at home, you will be using them at work. It is said that the energy used for electricity and to light up home is bad for the environment because of the carbon dioxide emissions it gives off, therefore causing climate problems. There is solution to helping prevent this… Energy Saving Bulbs!clip_image002

There is always a lot of speculation about whether or not the use of Energy Saving bulbs will actually help you save money on your energy bill. The answer is, they definitely will! There is increasing amounts of pressure to use energy saving bulbs but there are also a lot of questions surrounding them, do they actually save you money and energy? Energy saving bulbs use up to a third of power in comparison to normal bulbs. This is because the normal bulbs lose up to 90% of their power because of the heat that is radiated from them being on.

Admittedly energy saving bulbs are more expensive, but when you take into account how much you will actually save over a year (usually £5-£7 per bulb), it will definitely work out as being more cost effective. There are many test available that can help you find out how much you can save on your energy bill if you use energy saving bulbs; should you wish to find out, just look online and you can arrange a booking where an electrician will come and let you know how much it is you could save! You will be amazed and we’re sure that once you change and start saving, you won’t go back! Energy savers are also much better for the environment because it will bean we are no longer clip_image004giving off as much carbon dioxide emissions which has been said is a main cause for climate control.

You may think, because they are energy saving, that you are going to be restricted into the choices and range of bulbs you can get. This is far from the case! Energy saving bulbs are available in a large range of types and styles to fit any fixture you might want to make energy saving – the most common are B22’s and E27’s. They can also be bought in dimmable options as well.

So you save money, help the environment and don’t have to change light bulbs as much. What are you waiting for?!

Lighting by Room



Light is a complicated thing to understand, so we are going to try and simplify it for you. Each room can have different requirements and purposes for lights so we are going to give brief details of what these requirements are and how best to light your room to match this.

downlightLiving Rooms/Libraries/Studies
For these rooms, subtle lighting is the way forward. General or background lighting from downlights appropriately placed will give the room the best ambiance and will light it most effectively. Downlights can be used on their own or with floor standing lights for extra light, which, should you not want them to be as visible can be hidden behind plants, furnishings or decorative objects in the room.
Floor standing lights can be effective in providing light in a softer way to the light that comes from standard central ceiling lights. It is important to take into consideration that if you are looking at floor standing lights, rewiring the room could be important so as to have them in the places you want them. Another possibility is to have all the portable lights on a separate circuit. A lot of the time, floor standing lights can mean there is a lot of bending down to switch the light on and off but this is preventable with the use of kick switches, where you can turn the light on and off with your feet and avoid any unnecessary bending up and down!
Finally additional light can be put next to sofas or to light up paintings or bookshelves on walls. This lighting is more for decoration or if close work is needed. If you have a desk and need focused lighting on a desk, desk lighting is possible, but if it is very specific lighting needed a downlight could be more appropriate to stream strategic light. Accent or decorative lighting will be the “piece de resistance”. This light is best coming from spotlights, which can be tilted to focus on something in particular – as said earlier, to light up a painting on a wall or a bookshelf.
Overall it is important that all the lighting works together and compliments each other to light the room effectively, making use of the space to compliment the natural light.

Dining Rooms
This is one of the most popular rooms that people want lighting for but also one of the most challenging that people struggle with. It is suggested that you light the room separately, so having lights above a table would be the best way to light the serving area; this will ensure the table is the focal point of the room and it is essentially where light is really needed. Elsewhere in the room romantic, discrete lighting compliments the look for the room. A few downlights would be perfect for this situation with the added light of candles – mainly for effect – but ensure the candles are above or below candle light so that they aren’t in direct eye line.
It is suggested all lights in the dining room are dimmable. This will mean that the ambiance can be changed and the lighting can be altered depending on the situation.

006bef502acd7df6cdaf5c33f220aff6Hallways and Staircases
A hallway or staircase is where there should be the best lighting – they should be lit at all times! Unfortunately so often this isn’t the case and there is inadequate lighting for the spaces. If the level of the floor changes, there should be lights on the floor to show this changes – this is more frequently used in staircases than hallways. These low level lights can also be left on when the main lighting isn’t needed which will insure the hallways aren’t left in complete darkness.

Alongside the main lighting in the room, bedside lamps and mirror lights are also frequently seen in bedrooms. Bedside lamps especially for reading before bed; the light should be at a level so that it shines directly onto the book. The bottom of the light should be in line with your shoulder – this shows that the area has been most effectively lit. They should also be dimmable so that the glare can be changed and controlled, and so your partner wouldn’t get disturbed as well.
For lights around a mirror (this probably is more important for females!), there should be a light above the mirror as opposed to down the sides. Lights placed down the sides are a lot less helpful and don’t illuminate your face as effectively when you look into a mirror. This is also the case for full length mirrors; the light shouldn’t light up the mirror but the person looking in them.

Children’s Rooms
For safety, all electrical sockets should be child proofed and all light fittings out of reach of small children. Electricity is not something you want the child to get a hold of! Wall lights would be best for this, as all other sockets children could get potential reach of. Wall lights are good because they won’t give as harsh light as ceiling lights and it will be softer and subtle. There is also the option of having these lights dimmable for children that might not like sleeping in the dark.
For children who might not need as much protecting from electrics, desk lamps or floor lamps could be used for lighting up desks when they have homework or if simply like to read in bed. These lights could be provided on desks or above beds.

Kitchens need good overall light – there is no point only lighting sections of the kitchen. For the kitchen, we recommend general lights on the ceiling which would provide good lighting with the added possibility of having spotlights for effective and to light up certain aspects of the kitchen for decoration and purpose.
Booster lights for worktops or areas where specific lights will be needed would be practical; strip lights under cabinets or downlights in these areas would be the best use of space and give the best lighting.

Summary Points
We hope you have found this article helpful, below are a list of the points we think are most important to help you light your rooms.

· Downlights for strategic lighting.

· Adjustable spotlights for accent or decorative lighting.

· Dimmable lights in Dining Rooms.

· Low level lighting in Hallways or Staircases, so that they aren’t left in complete darkness.

· Dimmable bedside lighting.

· Lighting above mirrors not to the sides.

· Downlights/Strip lights in kitchen to illuminate the worktops.

Design Ideas for using LED Strip

Now-a-days LED Strip lights are getting very popular lighting choice for both individual and business oriented use. These lighting options are used in both equally inside and outside spaces. LED Strip lights are obtainable in various colors and they are light in weight. People like it because they are very easy to customize. One can easily cut them to any size that is ideal for his/her need.

If you have still concerns that exactly where and how you can use your LED strip lights. Here’s some thoughts:

LED Strip lights in the bathroom:

If you want to improve your bathroom’s look, then LED Strip lights are very popular and unique way to do it. If you use it, your Bathroom wall mirrors, closets, sinks and baths will be benefited. Also, as they run at low voltage, they will cost less money, but will not skimp on the lighting quality at the same time.

LED Strip lights in Kitchen:

By using LED Strip lights in Kitchen, it will add a great touch. These lights add an elegant, stimulating edge to all parts of the kitchen. They will enhance the look of your Kitchen and at the same time they will allow you to not be in the dark in your kitchen just as before.

LED Strip lights in the Garden:

If you want to enjoy your time in your garden both during the day and at evening time, then by using LED Strip lights, your garden will quickly change into a lovely area to enjoy with your family. They will enhance your garden in several colors to make it beautiful and picturesque area. If you use a comfortable yellow light, it will create comfort and offers summer to your garden. Also, if you use green, It will make your plants shine dazzling with the environment friendly energy.

LED Strip lights in Dining:

If you want to create a comfortable atmosphere in your dining space, LED Strip lights will maintain the ambiance you would wish to create for your dining. You can use these lights throughout the bottom sides of your tables and on your ceiling to create the feeling you are searching for. You can use single or several color blends.

LED Strip lights can also be used for lighting Staircases and Ceiling Cove. It will make these structures more attractive and will provide perfect lighting.

As you see, LED Strip lights are very flexible, you can use these lights to enhance your indoor or outdoor space and personal or commercial purposes. Besides creating the ambiance you enjoy, they will also save your energy costs.



Benefits of Using LED Flood Light

LED lighting options are now getting popular and everybody is talking about it. If you are looking for lighting options to lighten up your outdoor space, then you can consider LED flood lights as the best option to do it. These lights are in use in many places such as houses, stores, movie theaters, play areas and stadiums.


flood light

LED flood lights are environmentally friendly and provide an artistic lighting effects experience. These lights have several benefits which are described below:

Environmentally friendly:

LED flood lights are now top eco-friendly lighting option present in the market. These lights have low heat production and they don’t contain any harmful elements like mercury or lead in them like traditional incandescent bulbs. These lights don’t emit harmful gases like co2. For these reasons, these LED lights are much friendlier to both environment and human health.

Long lifespan:

Usually LED lights are very popular for their extended life and toughness. LED flood lights have a long life expectancy which is close to 11 years for 12 hrs a day. These lights last 10 times lengthier than traditional incandescent bulbs. If you install these light in your house, you don’t need to be concerned about the replacement for a long time.

Energy efficient:

Like other LED lighting options, LED flood lights are energy efficient than traditional fluorescent and incandescent lights. The performance of these lights can be more than 85 lumen per watt of power utilized. By using these lights, you can cut down your energy usage by as much as 80% and eventually your electricity costs.

Lower maintenance cost:

These lights are much more resilient and tougher than normal bulbs. As these lights have higher longevity and need low servicing cost, people can save their money by installing at their house.

Greater Safety:

Among many other lighting options, LED flood lights are the most secure lighting options out there in the market for lighting up the outdoor areas. As these lights produce less heat, so there is less possibility of electrical and fire incidents.

Brighter light:

LED flood lights generate significantly brighter white light which is a lot like daylight. By installing these lights, you can easily see the items in dark environment. If these lights are used in outdoor spaces like stadiums, it makes the viewer’s think as if it is Day. Also, these LED lights offer artistic attractiveness to the surrounding environment.

Finally, LED flood light is the perfect choice for your outdoor spaces. These lights will help you to save your money and to protect the environment at the same time.

Benefits of Using LED Tubes and LED Panels Lights

Now peoples are looking for greater techniques to improve their atmosphere and surroundings and for this reason the search for effective lighting energy is increasing regularly. They are now generally looking for the lighting options which will not just minimize energy consumption, but also cost effective and extremely useful. Now LED Tubes and LED Panels are becoming the best solution for the homeowners and people. They are most cost efficient and provide better lighting effects for homes and offices than normal traditional bulbs.


If you are thinking about changing the light of your home, you can easily do it with LED tubes. They are very easy to set up because they are very lighter than other bulbs. There are many positive aspects of using LED tube Lights as your lighting option. They are less power ingesting, cost effective lighting solutions to the normal tube lights. As they use less power to produce light, you don’t need to worry about your electrical power bills.

LED tube Lights offer smooth, stable and crystal clear supply of light throughout the area of setting up. As they consist of non-toxic gases, they decrease the dangerous impact of the atmosphere. Though the installation cost is high, but in the long run you will enjoy so many advantages of using these lights. They have longer life span of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is 55-75 times extended than other tube lights.

LED Panels are also the best lighting option for lighting up the homes and surroundings. If you are thinking of setting up these in your home, you need to choose from LED typical panels and surface mounted device panels. LED surface mounted device panels are now turning into more popular for lighting up buildings.


LED panels are now becoming more popular in the modern community. They can save energy by improving the energy efficiency. They need to ingest less power to produce a good amount of light. Since they have longer life span than normal bulbs, if you install these lights in your home, you don’t need to think of changing them for a long time. They can generate light of full spectrum, which is significantly better than traditional bulbs.

If you love hues and take pleasure in the environment, you will constantly want to use energy and eco-friendly lighting options as like LED Tubes and LED Panels. They are brighter than the normal lights that consume more and will also last more time. Just think about different awesome options these lights consist of and give your home a peaceful and comfortable overall look by installing them at your home soon.

LED emergency lights: Why you should purchase LED bulkheads?

Sufficient lighting is a must for any kind of building, industrial or household and also emergency lighting is so vital. For ensuring the protection of the building and people in the building, emergency lighting is highly essential. There are many emergency lights accessible which could help to meet the emergency lighting needs. Among many other emergency lights, LED bulkheads are beneficial, powerful and economical to meet our emergency lighting needs.blog_bulkhead_led

If you are thinking about installing LED bulkheads, they come with various designs and sizes which are suitable for all areas, stairways and passages particularly. You can also use this type of lighting fixture in entrance and walls. LED bulkheads are available in both internal and external form and you can use them with respect to the avails of the area. For lighting passages with low roofs, internal bulkheads are more acceptable than the external bulkheads. For ensuring proper safety, you can install bulkhead lighting that includes signs like fire exits.

There are many positive aspects of using LED emergency lights as like LED bulkheads. They have power utilization as low as possible. They waste no energy to produce adequate light. Besides, low power consumption and extreme illumination, they are more suitable for their long life. They are also tough because of their thermoplastic surface types of the LED segments.

LED emergency lights are very durable than other normal bulbs. If you are looking for lighting fixtures for your emergency lighting options, then longevity is very important. You should buy very durable lighting fixtures for your needs. They are also so cost effective than traditional bulbs. Though your home and offices are secured and protected by security guards and alarm systems, you need to install emergency lights like LED bulkheads for better protection. Because these lights not only assist in lighting up the place, but eventually in defending you and your asset.

If you are thinking about installing LED bulkheads, you can easily purchase them through different online shops. Purchasing from online is better than Purchasing from real stores because you can look at various models of various providers at your personal pace and comfort. If you are surfing around for LED bulkheads online, it will give you sufficient time to examine each product in more detail and read the full product descriptions properly. It will help you to find out the best product that suits your need according to the area where you want to set up the light and obviously help you save your money.


Brightening Up Your Outdoor Area with LED Deck Lighting

LED lighting is now most preferred lighting option. Among many LED lighting options, LED deck lights are becoming extremely popular for lighting the outdoor area.  If you are thinking of lighting up your garden or outdoor areas at night, then LED deck lights are a great resource to any lawn or outdoor space.led-deck-lights

If you use those lighting options for your home, it will increase the look of the entire area and will also create a safe secure atmosphere. As those lighting options don’t become hotter as conventional bulbs so those are safe and sound for kids and household pets. These lights have great cost saving advantages as LED light demands less power to generate light. Also the life span of those lights is increased than normal bulbs so it requires less replacing costs and less waste in the garbage.

LED deck lights produce crystal clear light which is an excellent level of light and especially recognizable outdoors. Those lights can light up areas from a long distance. Everything on the deck becomes observable because the light quality is much better. The lighting impact of these lights can make a pleasant feel to both homeowners and guests as well. By using LED deck lights, one can easily prevent voltage fall outs. One can also use deck lights for their periodic lighting options as these are brilliant in the cold.

As like LED Deck Lighting, Plinth lights are also used for lighting halls, decks, home gardens and home workplaces. LED Plinth Lights are primarily used in kitchens. If you use these lights for lighting your hall, it will create a relaxing LED environment and structural design in houses besides conserving energy for lighting. One can also use RGB Deck Lights for their lighting purpose.

If you want to get LED Deck Lights, you need to follow some ways to choose the best one for lighting your Outdoor Area. At first you need to think about Budget which is more important for preparing your lighting. In this case you need to consider the dimension of the deck, position of the deck and the number of stairways.  You need to think about the Environment because your chosen lights should incorporate easily with the environment. There are many colors and style of LED Deck Lights. For selecting from various lights, you should select the light that will properly light your deck and make a specific ambiance to present your individuality. All the lights can add supplemental identity to your deck. One also needs to think about Installation for your new buying lights.

Finally, LED deck lights have many positive aspects over traditional lighting options. These lights save money, save atmosphere and provide better lighting effects. Its soft white and warm lights can help you to create a loving feel and also using of these lighting fixtures outdoors makes good sense.

The uses and positive aspects of LED Spotlights

Now a day LED lighting options are most popular for using various lighting purposes. LED lighting options will be the future of household lighting and those lighting options are turning into popular because of their positive aspects over traditional bulbs. LED lights are easy to use, have a long life span and particularly they are very energy effective. At past LED spotlights were used in industrial use only, but with the use of LED lighting, LED spotlights are turning into favorite for lighting up homes and business places. Those lights are also becoming more popular for Christmas adornments. Among many spotlights LED GU10 are more preferred for using in the outside areas. With this light bulb, one can easily adjust the illumination of the light as necessary.
As people use spotlights for focused lighting, halogen lamps also can be used for this purpose. Though those lights have extensive lifespan and energy saving solutions, LED spotlights are the best for doing this job because halogen lamps operate at higher temperatures. LED spot bulbs have numerous positive aspects over conventional lamps and halogen lamps.gu10_spot
The main benefits of this bulb are the energy effectiveness and long lasting lifespan. These lamps can last 50 times longer than traditional bulbs. Because of its long lifespan, it’s becoming widely used among many people. LED spot lamp can be used for saving power cost and these lights will also give you amazing, crystal clear and bright lights. If you use LED GU10 Spotlights for your lighting reason, it will use a lot less watts to generate the sufficient lights. If you use LED GU10 for your lighting, it will use about 4 watts to generate same lights of an ordinary halogen bulb which use about 40-100 watts to generate light.
The use of LED spotlights is safe to atmosphere. They contain no harmful toxic components like mercury and lead. Those lights are completely free from hazardous element and completely recyclable. LED spot lamps produce very little infrared light and no UV emissions. If you use those lighting options, you will help to save the environment and also at the same time you will save your money. There are also some other advantages of using those spotlights. Durability is also a positive aspects of it. It can put up with the rough condition because those lights are made of extremely strong and durable elements.
By using environmentally friendly LED Spotlights, one can make his life more relaxed and enjoyable. At night it will make the garden as fairyland with its soft white color lights. If you use those spotlights, it will put you in an affectionate mood by increasing the Warm summer nights.