Room Design , Lighting and how to use the new LED Bulb

Living room design is becoming increasing difficult in recent years. With houses becoming smaller and with less rooms, we are actually not having nearly as much space as we had before; which is a problem when you are designing a room which has to fulfil so many purposes! Thankfully, there are ways around this problem. There are a huge number of design ideas and tips which cater superbly to smaller living rooms, some of which I plan to touch on in this article.

Firstly, wall colour and design is vital. The basics are that lighter colours seem further away than darker colours, and plain walls seem further than complex walls. The basics of this mean that if you are using a small space, using darker colours will make the room feel enclosed and the same applies to more ‘complex’ walls. On the other hand, if your room is very large light walls can make it feel too vast, and empty. Now, you can actually use these ways to trick the human eye to your advantage. For instance, if you have a segment of wall that comes away from the rest of it such as a fireplace then via the use of placing lighter and less complex colour onto the protruding section of wall then it will balance out and appear to be more in line with the wall, therefore making the room seem more balanced without sacrificing that precious space.
Also lighting plays a big part in the equation as this will affect the whole appearance of the space and the décor. Some carefully chosen architectural LED lighting will not only give the place a real lift but also improve the look of all the interior features and reduce your carbon footprint!!
One of the things that people seem to consistently avoid in living room design are the light bulbs. I can understand that it may seem like they aren’t that vital, but you won’t believe the number of people who ruin a brightly coloured room by using a colder white light bulb, or using a filament bulb in a modern room instead of a an energy saving bulb, which look a lot better in more modern rooms and save energy of course! The core problem is that people do not look at the light colour of the light bulb they buy and often avoid energy saving light bulbs such as LED’s which actually often give out a more consistent light as it’s not from a single point and simply look nicer. This means that you can for example fit a range of high beam angle LED GU10 lamps which will cast an even glow into the space.
My final tip of this article is to do with furniture and rugs. When it comes to these vital parts of a living room it can be often one of the most difficult things to do and often comes down to the room itself, but there are nevertheless a few thing you can do to aid the appeared size of the room. Firstly, make sure you put any furniture up against the wall to save space yet having it at an angle is a incredibly effective way to increase how large the room looks. Also, when you go for a rug make sure it goes up to, and slightly under, the furniture. Not only will this prevent it from slipping out but also make the room feel yet again larger as the edge of the rug draws your eyes out wards making the room look larger.
I daresay that is the end of this particular article. I hope these tips come in handy, so all there is to say from now is good luck!


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