What is happening with the LED Bulbs

It has been a while now since the energy saving light bulb first hit the market. But do you remember them? They were dim and tool 20 minutes to reach full brightness. Now they did save a lot of energy even then giving an 80% electricity saving over the traditional incandescent light bulb. But this saving was not enough and the energy saving light bulb certainly got a bad reputation.
Now technology has advanced a lot now and energy saving light bulbs do light up faster and they are a good price compared to the very high price when they first hit the market. However the world has now moved on and the LED bulb is taking over. It delivers a massive 90% saving and LED’s come on instantly which gives them a great benefit. One thing is for sure they are here to stay but it will take a while for all conventional light bulbs to be swapped over because the LED bulb is expensive. We are seeing reductions in the price on a month by month basis so it is only really a matter of time until they will be the only type of bulb we see. Of course the conventional energy saving light bulbs will still be seen in museums in prime spots lighting up the dinosaurs!!

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    • mansha brothers on April 10, 2017 at 10:31 am
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    Awesome article. No doubt LED light bulbs are the future of lighting industry.

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