New Ideas for Using LED Tape

With LED technology, it’s possible to illuminate spaces with energy-efficient fixtures. The best thing with LED fixtures is that they are available in different colors, shapes, as well as lumen levels. For instance, if you want to create that unique ambiance into your space, purchase low-profile LED strips. Flexible in nature, LED strips to come with high versatility. Here are new ideas for LED tape all homeowners should know.


Add that extra interest to the ceiling with LED strips.  This offers you an extremely convenient and inexpensive way to highlight its architectural details. These strips can be used to add that subtle accent lighting. Still more, they can be used to create a modern twist, especially to historical buildings. LED strips can also help make the entryway welcoming. The best way to access the kitchen cupboards and bathroom is through LED strips. The entertainment areas like dining rooms can hugely benefit from the décor of LED strips.

Light The Stairs

The stairs can act as architectural elements in any home. Bringing LED strips to stairs will instantly make your outdoors more welcoming. Consider installing them at the railing. Most LED strips come with a sleek design, which makes them ideal for these spaces. Also, LED strips can help visitors navigate through these spaces, which eliminates those costly falls and injuries.

The Mirrors

Lighting is all about creativity. For instance, you can backlink your mirror with these strips and create that soft glow in your spaces. This eliminates shadows, making your spaces look classy and welcoming.


LED strips can be added under the furniture for a unique glow. Doing these makes smaller spaces look bigger, better, and more comfortable. However, this idea should be used wisely. Don’t use LED strips on any furniture. Use it on pieces of furniture like:

  • Sofas and armchairs 
  • Tables
  • Cribs and beds 

On The Shelving

Shelves can also benefit from LED strips. When used wisely, LED strips will help you showcase books, artwork, etc. Thus, if you are looking for an interesting way to showcase your artwork, think LED strips. Use LED strips to light up dark closets, cupboards, as well as pantries. You can install a motion-activated light to make it easier to control these lights.

Cabinets And Drawers

Just like shelves, kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers require LED strips. The main role of LED strips in these areas is to enhance their appearance.  They also make it easy to search for items in places like drawers and cabinets.

Other Creative Ideas

You can also use LED strips in the following areas:

  • Picture frames to make them more attractive
  • The sink, bathtub rim can also benefit from LED strips
  • Screens—Use LED strips to create a focal point around the screens
  • Outdoors

The Bottom-Line

If you want an energy-efficient home, install LED strips and bulbs. Available in different colors, these strips can be customized to fit into your home‘s explicit needs. The above are new ideas for using LED strips in your home.

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